The Man on the left is H.A. Samson, construction Manager for Lawrence Smith at Lakeway in the 1960ís, assisted in early Point Venture, then went with Smith to Wimberely and Taos, NM as Project Manager. Samson lived in Dripping Springs and was also an ordained minister.
The man in the middle is Glen Johnson who was a Food & Beverage Manager at Lakeway Inn and later had some involvement in Point Venture.
The man on the right is unknown at this time.

Lawrence Smith is on the left.
Seconded man is unknown.
Third man is H. C. Carter who was a builder.
Joel Cummings is on the right.

Bill Canfield is on the left.
On the right is David B. Barrow Jr. who was hired for final design work at Point Venture.

Patricia (Corns) Kingsberry
Bill Kingberry
Marsha (Corns) Greenlee
Richard Adams
Patricia and Marsha are daughters of Robert A. Corns who was the first Sales Manager during development of Point Venture.